A Microsoft Windows Update is wreaking havoc with printers worldwide this week was intended to provide updates to security but the update crashes some print drivers due to overflowing a GDI Object limit of 10,000. The bug afflicts a wide range of printers and print drivers, as reported by WindowsLatest earlier this week. If you’re Read More

Zoom Security Tips

With the coronavirus pandemic forcing millions of people to work, learn, and socialize from home, Zoom conferences are becoming a default method to connect. And with popularity comes abuse. However, security researchers started speaking out about security lapses in the program, the new trend of “Zoombombing,” and crashing public meetings with obscenities and worse. The Read More

Email Phishing and Scams

Email Scams Scams are generally delivered in the form of a spam email (but remember, not all spam emails contain scams). Scams are designed to trick you into disclosing information that will lead to defrauding you or stealing your identity. Examples of email scams include: emails offering financial, physical or emotional benefits, which are in reality linked to a Read More